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Iraq Attacks Kill At Least 20

Attacks targeting Sunni-majority areas in Iraq have killed at least 20 people.

The deadliest attack happened in the Doura neighborhood in southern Baghdad, where two roadside bombs exploded outside a store killing six people and wounding 18 others, according to police and medical workers.

Two bombs also exploded near Sunni mosques in southern and western Baghdad, killing three worshippers and wounding 12 others. Another roadside bomb exploded in the Sunni neighborhood of Tarmiya, north of Baghdad, killing three members of a pro-government Sunni militia and wounding another three.

Gunmen shot dead the imam and guard of a Sunni mosque in the town of Diyala, and two policemen and two soldiers were killed in the Sunni-majority city of Nineveh, near Mosul. Two policemen were shot dead at a checkpoint north of Baghdad.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP