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Deadly Blasts Strike Sunni Funeral In Baghdad

A boy inspects a burn-out vehicle the day after a bomb attack near a funeral tent in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, which killed several people on September 21. There have been three deadly attacks on funerals in as many days in Iraq.
Two bomb blasts have targeted Sunni funeral mourners in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, the third funeral attack in the country in the last three days.

Iraqi officials said that 15 people were killed in the attack in the northern Baghdad region of Adhamiyah on September 23 and about 30 were injured.

On September 22, a suicide bomber struck a Sunni funeral in Baghdad, killing 12, while two blasts struck a Shi'ite funeral on September 21, killing 73.

In addition, two bombs exploded near a Sunni mosque in Samarra on September 20, killing 18.

The spate of bombings has raised alarm about the prospects of an all-out renewed sectarian conflict between Iraq's Shi'ite majority and its Sunni minority.

On September 22, the United Nations issued a statement urging all Iraqis to refrain from revenge attacks.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters