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Iraqi Forces Recapture Key Ramadi Bridge From IS Militants

Displaced Sunni Iraqis, who fled the violence in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, arrive at the outskirts of Baghdad, on April 19.

Iraqi security forces have recaptured a key bridge from Islamic State (IS) militants in the capital of the western Anbar Province.

Officials say the Hawz Bridge over the Euphrates River was recaptured on April 24 after fierce clashes with IS militants in western Ramadi.

Police Colonel Mahdi Abbas said the bridge had been controlled by the IS extremist group for several months and served as a main supply route for the militants.

Provincial officials warned last week that Ramadi was in danger of falling to the militants.

But in recent days Iraqi soldiers and police have been able to secure the center of Ramadi and push the militants back from some areas of the city.

IS militants captured large swaths of territory in June 2014 during a lightning advance through western and northern Iraq.

With reporting by AP