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Iraqi Security Forces Kill Four Protesters in Baghdad Clashes, Dozens Injured

Demonstrators clash with riot police during the ongoing anti-government protests in Baghdad. (file photo from November 7)

Police and medics in Baghdad say Iraqi security forces killed at least four protesters on November 9 as authorities trying to clear the streets of demonstrators fired live ammunition, tear gas, and sound bombs.

The violence came as some demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails towards security forces at key bridges in central Baghdad. More than 100 demonstrators were reportedly injured.

Following the shootings, security forces regained control of all but one of the major bridges that link Baghdad's eastern neighborhoods to government headquarters across the Tigris River.

Iraq's government, meanwhile, has promised reforms aimed at ending the crisis.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on November 9 that political parties have "made mistakes" in the way they have governed the country.

He also pledged electoral reforms and recognized the legitimacy of protests to bring about political change.

Mass protests began at Baghdad's Tahrir Square on October 1 as demonstrators demanded employment and government services.

More than 300 protesters are thought to have been killed by security forces since then -- leading to growing crowds of demonstrators in Baghdad and southern Iraqi cities who are calling for Iraq's entire sectarian political system to be reformed.

Based on reporting by AP, Reuters, and AFP