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Islamic State Said To Threaten Anti-Muslim Activist

U.S. authorities are investigating new threats posted on a web site used by the Islamic State promising further attacks in the United States and targeting the anti-Muslim activist behind last weekend's controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest.

New York City police said they are assessing a threat to kill Pamela Geller, head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, who organized the Texas contest that prompted an assault by two gunmen who were shot to death by police.

Besides promising to "send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter," the web posting boasts that IS has "71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack," naming Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, and California as venues for future attacks.

Authorities said they could not confirm the authenticity of the threats, which appeared on a site used by IS in the past to post propaganda.

Such threats can be hoaxes or messages from IS sympathizers but not the militant group itself.

Geller said the threat was real and "illustrates the savagery and barbarism of the Islamic State."

Based on reporting by AP, Fox News, and New York Daily News