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Israeli Official Doubts Iran Will Decide To Build Atom Bomb

Lieutenant General Benjamin Gantz
The chief of staff of the Israeli armed forces says he does not believe Iran will decide to build a nuclear weapon.

Lieutenant General Benjamin Gantz told the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" in an interview published on April 25 that Tehran "still hasn't decided yet whether to go the extra mile" and make a bomb.

Iran already has the ability to enrich uranium to 20 percent -- for use in medicine -- but going "the extra mile" would mean being able to enrich to 90 percent, the level needed to make nuclear weapons.

Gantz said the campaign of diplomatic pressure and international sanctions was beginning to work to persuade the Islamic republic not to make a nuclear weapon.

In recent months, there have been concerns Israel could launch a preemptive military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

With reporting by AFP