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Japan Allows Some To Return To Fukushima Homes

Kazuo Sato offers a silent prayer for his son Kenichi, who was killed by the 2011 tsunami, in the restricted town of Namie.
More than 350 people who were evacuated during the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan three years ago are being allowed to return to their homes starting on April 1.

Authorities are allowing residents of a small part of a 20-kilometer no-go zone around the damaged nuclear power plant to return.

The government has determined that radiation levels in a corner of Tamura city are low enough for habitation.

But many of those evacuees are still undecided about going back because of fears about radiation.

The 2011 crisis forced more than 160,000 people from towns near the Fukushima plant to evacuate.

Around one-third of them are still living in temporary housing.
Based on reporting by AP and Reuters