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Jordanians Demonstrate For Reform, Egypt

Jordan's King Abdullah II (left) shakes hands with Hamzi Mansour, leader of the Islamic Action Front, during a meeting in Amman on February 3.
Around 1,000 protesters have gathered outside the Jordanian prime minister's office to demand reforms.

The demonstrators gathered at the call of the powerful Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political arm of the country's Muslim Brotherhood.

They then left the prime minister's office and marched to the Egyptian Embassy nearby in a show of support for the protesters in Egypt.

On February 1, King Abdullah II named Maaruf Bakhit as prime minister after firing the previous government following weeks of protests to demand political and economic reforms.

Bakhit is expected to announce his government on February 5-6.

King Abdullah held talks with the IAF on February 3, and pledged "serious steps" for change.

In neighboring Syria, opposition activists also announced a pro-reform demonstration for today.

compiled from agency reports