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Libya Summons U.S. Envoy Over Seized Al-Qaeda Suspect

Abdullah al-Raghie (left) and Abdul Moheman al-Raghie, the sons of Al-Qaeda suspect Abu Anas al-Libi, point at the house next to the scene where their father was seized by U.S. forces in a commando raid in Nofliene.
Libya's government has summoned U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones to seek clarification over the capture by U.S. forces of alleged Al-Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Libi in the capital.

Libya has said it was not informed in advance of the raid on October 5, when Libi was grabbed in broad daylight in Tripoli.

A Foreign Ministry statement issued on October 8 said that Justice Minister Salah al-Marghani had summoned Jones on October 7 to "ask for answers to several questions" related to the case.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said on October 8 that "Libyan citizens should be judged in Libya."

Libi, whose real name is Nazih Abdul Hamed al-Raghie, is reportedly being held aboard a U.S. ship in the Mediterranean.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP