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NATO Strikes Qaddafi's Hometown In Libya

A man collects human remains at the site of a mass grave in Tripoli on September 25.
NATO says warplanes have struck several military targets in Muammar Qaddafi's hometown as anti-Qaddafi forces besiege the area.

The alliance said today that it hit eight targets around Sirte on September 25, including an ammunition and vehicle storage facility, a multiple rocket launcher, and other military sites.

Anti-Qaddafi fighters, meanwhile, encircled the city from the east, south, and west.

The siege of one of Qaddafi's last bastions comes as Libya's new rulers said they had unearthed a mass grave in Tripoli of more than 1,200 prisoners slain by his regime in a 1996 uprising, a massacre that helped trigger the revolt that ousted the dictator.

In a separate development, Italian oil giant ENI today resumed oil production in Libya, more than six months after civil unrest brought oil and gas output in the country to a halt.

compiled from agency reports