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Prosecutors Say Manning Let Bin Laden See Secrets

U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning leaves after the first day of his military trial at Fort Meade, Maryland, on June 3.
U.S. military prosecutors have accused Bradley Manning of making it possible for Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to see American military secrets.

The claim was made on June 3 as Manning went on trial at Fort Meade, near Washington, on charges of giving to the WikiLeaks website more than 700,000 secret documents, in the biggest leak of classified information in American history.

Manning’s lawyers called Manning a "young, naive, but good-intentioned" soldier who tried to reveal truth about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Manning has pleaded guilty to 10 charges but says he is not guilty of the most serious charge against him, of aiding enemies of the United States.

If convicted of that count, the 25-year-old could face life in prison.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP