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More Than 1,000 Short-Listed For One-Way Mars Mission

Up, up, and away.
Organizers of an ambitious private mission to colonize Mars say they have whittled 200,000 applicants down to just over 1,000 -- including 52 Russians -- and that they hope to select the final team with the help of a reality TV show.

Mars One, the Dutch-based nonprofit foundation behind the mission, said it hopes to sell the rights to film training to help fund part of the $6 billion cost of the mission, due to begin in 2024.

Mars One said candidates will be called in for "rigorous simulations" to test their physical and emotional capabilities.

The six-month trip to Mars is intended to be a one-way ticket.

Organizers have signed a $250,000 contract with Lockheed Martin to build a concept landing module that would be sent on a 2018 unmanned test flight.

Based on reporting by AFP and "The Telegraph"