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Merkel Says Dialogue Between Political Forces Important For Egypt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) with Egyptian President Muhammad Morsiin Berlin on January 30.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Egypt's leadership to remain open to dialogue with all political forces in the country and to respect human rights.

Merkel made the remarks on January 30 during a joint press conference with visiting Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi.

Earlier on the same day, Egyptian opposition leader Muhammad ElBaradei called for talks between Morsi, Islamic groups, and the opposition to address the country's ongoing political crisis.

On January 28, Morsi declared a state of emergency in three cities along the Suez Canal on after more than 50 people were killed in days of unrest.

Morsi said at the January 30 briefing with Merkel that the state of emergency is only temporary and will be lifted "as soon as the situation stabilizes."

Morsi is in Germany to seek foreign investment and to convince Europe of his democratic credentials.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP