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Russian Man Attacked By Mexican Mob For Alleged Insults

The incident occurred in the Caribbean resort town of Cancun (file photo)

Mexican authorities say an angry mob has attacked a Russian man in the resort city of Cancun, and the Russian is accused of fatally stabbing a man during the incident.

Police said they rescued Aleksei Makeyev, 42, on May 19 after the crowd stormed his apartment in the Caribbean resort.

Makeyev, who was taken to hospital for treatment, was being held there under protective custody.

Authorities said that Makeyev, who had posted insulting remarks about local people in videos on social media, was accused of fatally stabbing a young man after the mob stormed the Russian's apartment.

Makeyev lost his job at an aquatic center in Cancun in 2015 due to aggressive behavior.

Mexico's National Migration Institute said in a statement that multiple complaints had been filed against Makeyev because of his behavior and that it was seeking the cooperation of Russian authorities to deport him.

An attempt to deport the man last year failed because he did not have the necessary travel documents.

Based on reporting by Reuters and dpa