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Moscow Man Kills Six In Shooting Rampage


A 30-year-old man has shot dead six co-workers in what was reportedly a drunken rampage in Moscow.

The man, identified as Dmitry Vinogradov, was dressed in camouflage clothing and armed with two semiautomatic weapons.

He went to a pharmaceutical chain where he was a lawyer, shot dead four men and two women. One of the men died later in the hospital.

Moscow police apprehended Vinogradov and said "a girl broke up with him [and then] he went drinking."

The girl reportedly worked at the pharmaceutical chain. She was not among the victims.

The suspect posted a message on the Internet shortly before the killing spree.

Part of the message read, "I hate humanity and life itself. I see only one way to justify it: Kill as many pieces of human compost as possible…"

Based on reporting by Reuters and Interfax