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Moscow Driver Intentionally Runs Down Man

Police in Moscow have detained a driver suspected of intentionally hitting a man during a case of road rage.

Video of the incident, recorded by a dash-cam in another car, sparked a public outcry after it appeared on the Internet.

In the footage, a man stops his Nissan at a traffic light, gets out, and approaches a BMW stopped behind him. After exchanging words with the driver, he attempts to return to his car but is run over by the driver of the BMW.

The BMW driver stops to check for damage to his car, ignoring the injured man, before leaving the scene.

Moscow police say the driver of the BMW, a 33-year-old Moscow resident, was detained on July 16. He has not yet been charged.

The victim, a 55-year-old Muscovite, is in hospital with a compound fracture of his left leg.

Neither man's name was released.

Based on reporting by,, and Interfax