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Moscow Police Detain Protesters By Red Square

Police detain opposition activists near the closed entrance to Red Square
Police in Moscow have detained over 50 antigovernment protesters outside the gates to Red Square.

Opposition activists called for supporters to walk around the square on April 1 wearing the white ribbons that have become a symbol of the protest movement against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

When police took the unusual step of closing the square near the Kremlin, about 300 protesters gathered instead outside the gates.

Holding hands to form a circle, they chanted, "This is our city," ''Russia will be free," and "Russia without Putin."

Putin will begin serving a third presidential term in May.

On March 31, Russia’s opposition says up to 60 activists were detained when police broke up a protest in central Moscow. Around 1,000 people gathered in Triumfalnaya Square for the unsanctioned rally.
The detained included Eduard Limonov, who heads the Other Russia coalition.

In St. Petersburg, police detained up to 40 people who were trying to stage a demonstration.
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