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Muslim Brotherhood Poised To Claim Most Seats In Egypt Vote Results

Egyptian women walk beside an election poster for the Muslim Brotherhood's "Freedom and Justice Party'" outside a polling station in Cairo.
The official results of the first round of Egypt's parliamentary elections are due to be announced on December 2, with the party of the previously banned Muslim Brotherhood expected to claim the most seats.

The results of the vote on November 28 and 29 had been expected to be released on December 1, but reports say the counting was not completed on schedule in some constituencies.

The Associated Press quotes judges overseeing the vote count as saying that near-complete results suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest and best organized political group, could take as many as 45 percent of the seats contested in this week's vote.

Reports say that if the trend holds in subsequent rounds of the elections, an Islamist majority could be formed in the 498-seat People's Assembly with the support of other religious parties.

This week's voting took place in just nine of Egypt's 27 provinces, including the major cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Two more rounds of voting, ending in January, will complete voting for the lower house.

Three additional rounds of voting, lasting until March, are to be held for the upper house.

compiled from agency reports