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U.S. NGO Calls Azerbaijani Media Reports 'Propaganda'

NDI's Kenneth Wollack
The U.S. nonprofit organization the National Democratic Institute (NDI) is criticizing the media in Azerbaijan for their reports on its activities.

The NDI issued a statement calling the reports "fabrications and malicious propaganda" and said some stories about NDI activities in Azerbaijan are "completely baseless."

NDI President Kenneth Wollack said "repeating a series of falsehoods over and over again does not make them true."

Some media reports in Azerbaijan have contained accusations that the NDI interfered in Azerbaijan's internal affairs, violated laws on the operations of foreign organizations, and lacks financial transparency.

The NDI statement said it has been transparent with Azerbaijani authorities regarding its assistance to civil society organizations, youth groups, and the development of democratic institutions in the country.

NDI has been legally operating in Azerbaijan since 1995.