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Next UN Chief Says Joint Efforts With U.S. Key To Solving World's Crises

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and UN Secretary General Designate Antonio Guterres addressed the press in Washington.

The next United Nations chief Antonio Guterres said a strong partnership with the United States will be needed to address the world's wars and pressing humanitarian and environmental crises.

"We are all aware that we live in a difficult world. We are all aware that conflicts have multiplied in a dramatic way, that people are suffering enormously," Guterres said before meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington on November 4.

"I believe that the cooperation between the United States and United Nations is a key factor in order to improve the present global situation," he said

Guterres, who served for a decade as the UN's refugee chief, is due to succeed South Korean Ban Ki-moon as secretary-general on January 1.

"I discovered that really what matters is not essentially to support the people that are in trouble, but to make sure that we create the conditions for the people not to be in trouble, to stop this flow of refugees, and that means a surge in diplomacy for peace," Guterres said.

Kerry said Guterres was "the man for the moment"and will bring "energy and skills" to his new job.

Based on reporting by AFP