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Pyongyang Says No Longer Bound By Agreement With U.S.

The Unha-3 rocket that broke up shortly after blast off.
North Korea has rejected a rebuke by the United Nations over its failed long-range rocket launch.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry characterized the April 16 vote in the UN Security Council as "unreasonable."

Pyongyang also criticized the United States for suspending a deal under which the North would get U.S. food aid in return for suspending its nuclear and missile programs.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said it was "no longer bound" by that February agreement.

Pyongyang accused the United States of "hostile" acts and threatened retaliation.

It also rejected UN condemnation over the launch. North Korea says the rocket was to carry a satellite into orbit.

The West, however, saw it as a cover to test a long-range missile, something North Korea is banned from doing under UN sanctions.

The April 13 launch ended in failure, with the rocket breaking up shortly after blasting off.

Based on AP and Reuters reporting