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Obama Says He Exchanged Letters With Rohani

U.S. President Barack Obama in a live televised address from the White House on September 10
U.S. President Barack Obama has disclosed for the first time that he exchanged letters with new Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

In an interview on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" on September 15, Obama did not reveal the content of the letters but made clear that U.S. concerns about Iran's nuclear program are a “far larger issue for us" than Syria's chemical weapons.

PERSIAN LETTERS: Did Obama Quietly Reach Out To Iranian President Rohani?

Obama said diplomacy over Syria, backed by threat of military action, was a potential model for negotiating over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

He said Iran should not think Washington would not launch a military strike in response to Tehran's nuclear program because it has not attacked Syria.

Obama and Rohani will speak at the UN General Assembly next week the same day, although there is no plan for them to meet.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP