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Obama Strikes Back At U.S. Critics Of Iran Nuclear Deal

President Barack Obama has asked U.S. military veterans to support the Iran nuclear deal, denouncing what he called “chest-beating” critics as “some of the same politicians and pundits” who were “quick to want to go to war in Iraq and said it would only take a few months.”

Speaking in Pittsburgh on July 21 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars' national convention, Obama said: “We’re hearing the echoes of some of the same policies and mindsets that failed us in the past."

Obama said the Iran deal offers “a smarter, more responsible way to protect” U.S. national security.

The White House is mounting a campaign to avert an attempt by Republicans in Congress to block the Iran nuclear deal.

From Pittsburgh, Obama was flying to New York to tape one of comedian Jon Stewart’s final episodes of The Daily Show -- with the Iran deal a key topic.

The White House also created a new Twitter account -- @TheIranDeal -- to make its case for the agreement.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters