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Hungary Assures That EU Concerns Can Be Swiftly Resolved

A man holds a banner with a sinking ship marked with Prime Minister Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz party in Budapest on January 2.
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has told the European Union's parliament that key EU concerns on democratic rights in his country can be easily fixed.

Orban’s government has drawn sharp international criticism after passing a series of laws and constitutional amendments that critics at home and abroad say unduly concentrate power in its hands.

Orban told EU lawmakers in Strasbourg, France, that addressing the concerns "would pose no problem."

The EU Commission said on January 17 that it gathered enough evidence to start legal proceedings against Hungary in three areas -- the judiciary, the central bank, and the data-protection office -- where it sees democratic rights under threat.

Orban said that Hungary is going through a "very exciting process of renewal" after being "on the brink of collapse" two years ago.

compiled from agency reports