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Car Bomb At Pakistan Gas Station Kills At Least 23


Rescue workers carry a body from the site of a bomb explosion at a filling station in Faisalabad today.
Police say a car bomb at a gas station in eastern Pakistan has killed at least 23 people and wounded 116.

The blast set off gas cylinders at the station and the explosion destroyed or severely damaged nearby buildings and numerous cars.

Media reports said the blast occurred near an office of Pakistan's intelligence agency.

Faisalabad is an important industrial center in eastern Punjab Province.

Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants have carried out scores of suicide and bombing attacks in Pakistani cities, usually targeting security forces.

Most attacks occur in northwestern Pakistan, near the Afghan border, and Faisalabad has rarely been targeted.

However, it lies in Punjab Province where Islamist extremist groups are believed to be growing in strength.

compiled from agency reports