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Pakistani Court Orders American Held For Eight More Days

The deaths of two Pakistani men by a U.S. consular worker in Lahore a week ago has sparked anti-American protests.
A Pakistani court ruled today that police can keep holding a U.S. consular employee accused of killing two Pakistani men for eight more days for further investigation.

The United States says the American, identified by Pakistani police as Raymond Davis, is a diplomat and has called for his immediate release.

He was arrested a week ago after shooting dead two Pakistanis in the eastern city of Lahore in what he says was self-defense during an attempted robbery.

The deaths sparked protests in Pakistan, where anti-American feeling runs high, fuelled by the government's unpopular alliance with Washington, the war in Afghanistan, and U.S. missile attacks in northwest Pakistan.

The American is to appear next in court on February 11.

compiled from agency reports