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Pakistan Says No Confirmation Senior Al-Qaeda Leader Dead

Pakistani officials say they have no confirmation that a senior Al-Qaeda figure was killed in a recent drone strike in the northwestern tribal region, as reported by U.S. officials.

Two U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonimity on September 15 said that Abu Hafs al-Shahri was targeted in a recent drone strike. The U.S. officials said al-Shahri, a Saudi national, coordinated anti-U.S. attacks in the region and worked closely with the Taliban in Pakistan.

He was considered a possible successor to Al-Qaeda's number two Atiyah Abdul Rahman, who was killed in August.

Pakistani officials had earlier said that at least three suspected militants, including one foreigner, were killed in a drone strike on September 11. But Pakistani military spokesman Athar Abbas today said the military had no confirmation Shahri was among those killed.

compiled from Reuters reports