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Podcast: If Life Hands You Proverbs, Play Proverb Games!

Playing The Blender Proverb Quiz are (clockwise from left) Salome Asatiani, Margot Buff, Grant Podelco, Pavel Butorin, and host Daisy Sindelar.
This week, we at The Blender found ourselves thinking about words. Proverbs, specifically.

In a company with 28 broadcast languages, it's a constant source of amazement to see how maxims and other traditional sayings can vary from language to language, even as the sentiments behind them remain more or less universal. (Look up "When pigs fly Uzbek" on the Internet, and you'll see what we mean.)

So in a very special Episode 49 of The Blender, we explore the world of proverbs.

Daisy Sindelar
Daisy Sindelar
We begin in Pakistan, where Khudainoor Nasar, the author of "Proverbs and Us," a popular program for RFE's Pashto-language service Radio Mashaal, looks at a proverb that's weaved its way into ordinary conversation and poetry alike: "Karwan ba teregee spee ba ghapegee," or "Dogs bark, but the caravan rolls on."

And since there's only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous, we move directly on to the first-ever Blender Proverb Quiz!

Blender regulars Salome Asatiani, Pavel Butorin, Grant Podelco, as well as a podcast newcomer, RFE multimedia producer Margot Buff, join us in Studio P10 for what turns out to be a very silly -- and by that we mean highly illuminating -- inaugural round.

Play along! Trust us -- your answers couldn't be any worse than ours.

This week's host is Daisy Sindelar.
The First Annual Blender Proverb Quiz! -- 12/16/11 (Episode 49)
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Music used in this week's podcast includes "Piggies" by The Beatles, "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure, and "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball," by The Killers.

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