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Podcast: The First Blender Mind Bender News Quiz!

Unwitting Blender News Quiz contestants Kathleen Moore (left), Brian Whitmore, and Andy Heil in The Blender studio
So you think you know a lot about world events? Of course you do. You’re reading this website, after all.

But are you willing to put yourself to the test? More specifically, our test?

In Episode 51 of The Blender, we present our first-ever Blender Mind Bender News Quiz, hosted by Grant Podelco. The questions cover events that took place in 2011 and are mostly related to RFE/RL’s broadcast region.

Host Grant Podelco
Host Grant Podelco
Three members of our highly informed staff accepted the challenge. The contestants are:

-- Central Newsroom editor Brian Whitmore. He specializes in our European areas of coverage and is the author of The Power Vertical blog and podcast aimed at Russia wonks and Kremlin watchers. He also has an extraordinarily deep knowledge of Apple products and U.S. politics.

-- Central Newsroom Deputy Director Kathleen Moore. With her well-honed knowledge of events, current and otherwise, she usually knows the answer to a question before you realize you're even going to ask one. She speaks Russian, Czech, and Scottish and is always available to translate any of those into English upon request.

-- English language website editor Andy Heil. He is known for sharp-eyed copy corrections, his environmentally-oriented tweets, and his quick-witted quips. His stance on over-hyphenation was unknown at the time of this writing.

We laughed. We cried. The host said "excellent" about 20 too many times.

Who will win the first-ever Blender Mind Bender News Quiz? Listen in and play along.
The Blender News Quiz -- 12/30/11 (Episode 51)
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