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Prosecutors In Bashkortostan Sue Tatar Website For 'Extremism'

BIRSK, Russia -- Prosecutors in Russia's republic of Bashkortostan have charged the owners of a Tatar Internet news portal with alleged extremism and shut down its webpage.

Prosecutors in Birsk, where the "Wake Up,Tatar!" news portal was published, concluded that it is of an extremist character, after the website carried an article in March about what it called "attempts by Russian authorities to lower the number of Tatars in the country and oppress Tatar identity, culture and language."

The hearings into the case are scheduled for August 23.

The Tatar Public Center of Bashkortostan says it will hold protest actions in front of the court that day.

A newspaper of the same name, "Wake Up, Tatar!" which had been published in Birsk, was ruled as extremist and shut down in June.