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Putin Says Gazprom Chief Miller Will Stay On At Post

Gazprom chief Aleksei Miller (left) with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a 2009 meeting
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said Gazprom head Aleksei Miller will remain in his position as chief executive of the world's largest natural-gas producer.

Asked on March 4 whether he had signed a letter recommending Miller's reappointment, Putin said, "I signed it yesterday."

Miller's five-year contract was due to expire in May.

Miller was appointed head of Gazprom in 2001 and as the world's need for more energy resources has increased, so has Miller's standing.

The Gazprom head often accompanies Putin and President Dmitri Medvedev on foreign visits to countries seeking more gas or which are part of Gazprom's current or planned export routes.

compiled from agency reports