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Romania President Calls For PM To Quit Following Corruption Investigation

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has called for the prime minister's resignation after prosecutors placed him under criminal investigation for corruption.

The National Anticorruption Direction (DNA) said June 5 that Victor Ponta is a suspect for crimes including forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest, and tax evasion.

The DNA said Ponta is charged with receiving up to 63,000 euros ($72,000) from the law firm of a close associate for fictitious legal work between 2007-2008. It said Ponta used the money to buy two luxury flats in Bucharest.

The associate, Dan Sova, went on to hold several positions in Ponta's government, including that of transport minister, and is currently himself under investigation for corruption in a separate case.

The DNA said prosecutors will file a formal request with parliament, which would have to strip Ponta of his immunity for the probe to proceed.

Ponta said he won't resign unless the parliament dismisses him.