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Romanian PM Surives Parliamentary Vote After Man Jumps From Balcony

It was the fourth no-confidence vote that Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc has survived in the past year.
Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc has survived a no-confidence vote, the fourth this year, shortly after a man jumped from the balcony of the parliamentary chamber to protest Boc's economic policies.

The vote allows Boc's fragile coalition to push ahead with unpopular austerity reforms needed to keep a bailout package led by the International Monetary Fund on track.

Debates were briefly suspended when a man identified as an employee of Romanian public television stood on the baloncy railing and jumped onto a bench below, just as Boc was just starting a speech to lawmakers.

The man, who was wearing a T-shirt that read "You've killed our future," was hospitalized and initially listed in stable condition. No one else was injured.

A video of the man's leap soon appeared in video form on the Internet (warning: potentially disturbing video).

compiled from agency reports