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Russian Newspaper Alleges September Elections Were Rigged In Moscow Suburb

Moscow Regional Election Commission spokeswoman Irina Konovalova says the chairman of the Mytishchi election commission has been asked to report on Novaya Gazeta's allegations (file photo).

A respected Russian newspaper says it has uncovered substantial falsifications at 68 polling places in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi during local and national legislative elections in September.

In a report published on November 4, Novaya Gazeta said that the ruling United Russia party received 2,000 fake votes in the elections to the Russian parliament's lower chamber, the State Duma, and the Moscow Regional Duma.

The newspaper said it analyzed data obtained from 84 of the 96 polling places in Mytishchi and determined that the number of votes actually cast and the number recorded in the automated Vybory (Elections) system differed significantly.

The report added to allegations of widespread fraud in the parliamentary elections, which handed United Russia more than 340 seats in the State Duma.

Moscow Regional Election Commission spokeswoman Irina Konovalova, said on December 5 that the chairman of the Mytishchi Territorial Election Commission had been invited to report about the situation.

"We will make a decision after talking with him," Konovalova said.

The opposition party Yabloko said that it plans to ask state prosecutors to investigate Novaya Gazeta's data.

Based on reporting by Novaya Gazeta, TASS, and Interfax