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Israeli, Russian Deputy Military Chiefs To Coordinate On Syria

An Israeli-Russian coordination team that will work to prevent the countries from accidentally trading fire in Syria will hold their first meeting by October 5, according to an Israeli military officer.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer said that teams headed by each of the militaries’ deputy chiefs will discuss coordinating their aerial, naval, and electromagnetic operations around Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters on September 21 that the two countries had “agreed on a mechanism” to prevent “misunderstandings” between their military forces in Syria.

Israel is reportedly concerned that Russia's involvement in the fighting between Islamic rebel groups and Syrian forces could result in fire accidentally being exchanged with Russian forces.

Israel has carried out raids in against militants in southern Syria and wants to ensure Lebanon's Hizballah Islamist group is not armed as Russia arms Syria.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters