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TASS Is Back: Russian News Agency Revives Soviet-Era Name

Russians who feel their country is returning to Soviet-era ways have a new piece of evidence: TASS is back.

The 110-year-old news agency, known in recent years as ITAR-TASS, says it will use the name TASS starting on October 1.

In a news item, the agency said the brand is "a symbol of professionalism, enthusiasm, and commitment to maintain and develop its
best traditions."

It said TASS is not an abbreviation. But in the Soviet era, when it was the main state news agency, the letters stood for Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union.

ITAR was added after the collapse of communism.

The agency said the name TASS and its new brand will be used on the Internet and in print as well as in advertisements and on souvenirs.

It said the transition would be complete by the end of 2015.