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Kremlin Says Unaware Of Navalny's 'Probe' Of Prosecutor-General

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on December 2 that the Kremlin is unaware of the latest public accusation by opposition blogger Aleksei Navalny concerning Prosecutor-General Yury Chaika and his sons.

Navalny's Anticorruption Foundation published on December 1 the results of its investigation into the activities in Switzerland of Artyom Chaika, a son of Yury Chaika.

According to Navalny's report, Artyom Chaika, who is a permanent resident of Switzerland, has illegally privatized industrial facilities and businesses in Russia that has allowed him to purchase a luxury hotel in Greece and a villa in Switzerland.

The report also alleges that Yury Chaika's other son, Igor, who owns several large Russian business enterprises, has been illegally awarded state tenders for construction and development projects in Russia.

The Swiss Attorney General's Office told RFE/RL on December 2 that it has thus far begun "no criminal proceeding against" Chaika.

With reporting by Interfax