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Russia Confirms 23 Citizens On Captured Tanker

Russia's Foreign Ministry said a Greek tanker captured by pirates off the coast of Togo on August 28 has 23 Russian citizens aboard.

The tanker, carrying some 50,000 tons of diesel and petrol fuel, was seized by pirates near the Togo capital, Lome, where it was reportedly anchored.

Colonel Inoussa Djibril said the tanker was being tracked and, as of August 29, was off the coast of Nigeria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the lives of the 23 Russian crew members on the ship were not in danger and that Russian embassies in the countries of western Africa were in contact with local authorities and are working to get their nationals freed.

There is one more member of the tanker's crew who is reportedly a Greek national.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Reuters