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Russia Holds Largest-Ever Strategic-Missile Manuevers

Russia has launched what it calls the largest-ever exercises of its strategic-missile forces in 12 regions across the country.

Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Igor Yegorov said "both road-mobile and silo-based missile systems" are taking part in the drills that began on February 12.

Yegorov said more than 30 missile regiments are involved in the maneuvers being held in an area ranging from the western Tver region to the eastern Siberian region of Irkutsk.

He said strategic-missile units were practicing several missions, including "red alert, maneuvering in actual combat, deterrence of sabotage units, and precision-guidance attacks."

Earlier on February 6, Yegorov said Russian mobile ballistic-missile launchers were put on combat-patrol in six regions, adding that the time for winter combat patrols by each regiment had been extended from 30 to almost 60 days per year.

Based on reporting by TASS and Interfax