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Russian Teen Accused Of Attacking Teacher With Air Gun, Meat Cleaver


Journalistst gather outside a school where a teenager fired shots and tossed smoke grenades, in Ivanteyevka, a town in the northeastern suburbs of Moscow, on September 5.

A 15-year-old Russian schoolboy attacked a teacher with a meat cleaver and fired an air gun at her face during an assault that sent other pupils fleeing for safety, officials and the injured teacher said.

Russian authorities said four people were hurt as a result of the attack at a school in the northeastern Moscow suburb of Ivanteyevka on September 5 -- the teacher who was targeted and three students who jumped out windows.

"He shouted something like 'I've waited for this for three years' -- but he has not known me that long," computer science teacher Lyubov Kalmykova, whom officials identified as the targeted victim, told state-run Rossia-24 television by phone.

"I was hit in the head with a meat cleaver and then shot in the face," she said.

Moscow Oblast health officials said the teacher, whose life was not in danger, was taken to a hospital in the capital.

Investigative Committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said Kalmykova suffered an open head wound.

Three children who jumped from school windows were hospitalized -- one with a broken bone and others with less severe injuries.

Video footage from inside the school showed pupils flinching and covering their ears as piercing screams and a series of loud bangs rings out.

Ivanteyevka town officials said there was animus between the suspect and the teacher, but they did not give details.

The Children's Ombudswoman for the Moscow Oblast, Ksenia Mishonova, cited classmates as saying the boy had had conflicts with other students.

Law enforcement authorities are investigating the attack, which came days after the start of the school year.

Shootings at schools are rare in Russia and other former Soviet republics.

In February 2014, a 10th-grader fatally shot a police officer and a teacher and held more than 20 classmates hostage at a school in the city of Moscow.

The teenager was sent to a psychiatric clinic for mandatory treatment in March 2015.

With reporting by Interfax, RIA, Dozhd, TASS, and Raspinews