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American Adoption Of Deceased Russian Boy's Brother Ruled Illegal

Three-year-old Max Shatto's adoptive parents were not charged with any wrongdoing in his death.
A court in Russia's northwestern region of Pskov has declared illegal the adoption of a deceased boy's brother by an American couple.

The court also ruled on December 23 that Kirill Kuzmin must be returned to the Pskov orphanage and foster agency for possible adoption by a Russian family or return to his mother.

Kirill Kuzmin, who is officially known now as Kristopher Shatto, and his brother Maksim Kuzmin, whose name was changed to Max Shatto, were adopted by the Shatto family from Texas last year.

The death of Max Shatto in January caused a furor in Russia, where officials accused the child's adoptive mother of drugging and "murdering" him.

However, officials in Texas have ruled the death of the 3-year-old Russian adoptee to be accidental and due to self-inflicted wounds.

Based on reporting by Interfax and RIA Novosti