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Report: Russia Kills Top Al-Qaeda Militant In Chechnya

Russia's national antiterrorism committee said today that security forces have killed a top Al-Qaeda militant in Chechnya who coordinated foreign rebels in the North Caucasus.

The committee said in a statement published on Russian news agencies that the militant, named as Doger Sevdet, was a Turkish national who had taken on the nom-de-guerre of Abdullah Kurd and "was an envoy of Al-Qaeda in the Northern Caucasus."

It said that Sevdet, who arrived in the region in 1991, had taken part in the planning of numerous acts of terrorism and attacks on members of the public and security forces.

His reported death comes two weeks after Russia killed another top Al-Qaeda militant, a Saudi operative known as Moganned, in what analysts said was one of its biggest security successes in the region for years.

compiled from agency reports