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Russian Health Officials Say 215 Dead From Cold Weather

A homeless man eats hot food given out by the Emergency Situations Ministry in Moscow.
The Russian Health Ministry says 215 people have died this year as a result of the abnormally low temperatures that have killed hundreds across Eastern Europe.

Health officials said more than 5,500 Russians had suffered from hypothermia and frostbite as temperatures dipped as much as 14 degrees below the annual average for nearly three uninterrupted weeks.

The cold snap has been particularly severe in Russia's southern republic of Daghestan and the Krasnodar and Volgograd regions.

The coldest temperature registered during the past 24 hours was in Toko in the northern Sakha Republic, which reached minus 52 degrees Celsius.

Moscow officials said the city survived its coldest night yet this year, with no interruption of energy supplies as temperatures dipped to minus 28 degrees Celsius.

Compiled from agency reports