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Russian-Built Nuclear Submarine Joins Indian Navy

India says it will only be arming its newly commissioned nuclear submarine with conventional warheads.
India has formally commissioned a Russian-built nuclear-powered submarine into its navy.

The Akula II-class submarine, commissioned on April 4 at the Bay of Bengal port of Vishakahapatnam, is being leased from Russia for the next 10 years.

It was handed over to India in the Far Eastern Russian port of Vladivostok in January.

The vessel, which can remain submerged for about three months at a time, is capable of carrying atomic weapons, but reports say India will only arm it with cruise missiles with conventional warheads to comply with non-proliferation treaties.

India previously operated a Soviet nuclear submarine until 1991. India now rejoins Britain, China, France, the United States and Russia as an operator of nuclear submarines.

New Delhi is currently completing the development of its own nuclear-powered submarine.

Based on reports by AFP and dpa