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Al-Jazeera Will Not Broadcast French Gunman Video


French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Al-Jazeera television has decided not to broadcast video purportedly filmed by a gunman blamed for killing seven people in a series of shootings in southwestern France.

The Qatar-based broadcaster said that after reviewing the footage sent to its Paris bureau, it decided "the video did not add any information that was not already in the public domain."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has urged networks not to broadcast the footage that the alleged gunman, Mohamed Merah, said he filmed with a camera strapped to his neck.

Sarkozy warned that France would jam the transmissions of any broadcaster who trief to air the footage.

Merah took responsibility for shooting dead three French soldiers, three young Jewish children, and a rabbi in three separate shootings this month.

Police killed Merah, a self-declared Islamist militant, last week after a 32-hour siege on his flat in Toulouse.

With reporting by AFP, Reuters, and dpa