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Saudi Migrants Surrender To Police

Hundreds of migrant workers, who had barricaded themselves inside houses in the Saudi capital Riyadh, gave themselves up to police on November 10 after overnight clashes killed a Saudi citizen and an unidentified worker and left 68 people injured.

The migrants had barricaded themselves inside houses in the city's impoverished Manfuha district and were mainly Ethiopians. The clashes come four days after an Ethiopian man was killed in the same district during a security raid on undocumented migrant workers.

Saudi authorities last week started a nationwide clampdown after the end of a seven-month amnesty for foreign migrants whose work permits had expired or who were not working for their official sponsors. Thousands of migrants have been expelled from the oil-rich kingdom this week after they failed to legalize their status during the amnesty.

Based on reporting by Reuters and dpa