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Second Convicted 'Network' Activist In Russia Has Tuberculosis, Mother Says

A second Russian convicted of belonging to a terrorist cell authorities have labeled “Set” (Network) has been afflicted with tuberculosis, his mother told Russian media on February 25.

Arman Sagynbaev, who was given a six-year prison sentence, has a fever, hasn’t been hospitalized, and is eating by force, his mother, Yelena Strigina, said.

Another convicted member of the alleged group, Vasily Kuksov, was diagnosed with the highly contagious disease in late December and was seen during courtroom trials together with other suspects seated inside a defendant's cage.

If not treated properly, tuberculosis can be fatal.

Earlier this month, 18 defendants in separate cases were sentenced to prison terms of up to 23 years.

Authorities said the accused were members of a group that planned to carry out a series of explosions in Russia during the presidential election and the World Cup soccer tournament in 2018 "to destabilize the situation" in the country and to orchestrate an armed mutiny.

The men all insisted such a group does not exist and that, although they share anti-fascist views, they mainly play outdoor war games together.

Several defendants claimed that they were tortured while in custody, but Russia's Investigative Committee rejected the claims.

Rights activists have said the case was fabricated.