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Siberian Mayor Orders Subordinates To Take Public Transport Amid Service Complaints

The mayor of a Siberian city has ordered his subordinates to take public transportation to work amid complaints about the quality of the service.

Vadim Shuvalov, who runs Surgut, one of Russia's wealthiest cities, asked residents on February 12 via his social media page which transportation lines city officials should inspect.

Citizens responded that buses and vans were dirty, smelly, and uncomfortable.

As a result, Shuvalev decided that his deputies and "simple bureaucrats" will take public transport to work in order to keep on eye on problems with its service, TASS reported.

Russian media did not say whether Shuvalev will take public transport as well.

Winter temperatures in Surgut, which is located about 1,300 miles east of Moscow, average between -23 and -14 degrees Celsius.

Surgut is home to about 400,000 citizens and is also the headquarters for one of Russia’s largest oil companies.

Based on reporting by TASS and SurgutinformTV