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Slovenian Lawmakers Elect New Prime Minister

Janez Jansa (file photo)
Slovenia's lawmakers have elected a center-right leader, Janez Jansa, as the new prime minister.

Jansa, whose Slovenian Democratic Party came second in the December 4 balloting, was approved in a 51-39 vote in the 90-member parliament.

Another parliamentary vote is needed to elect the Cabinet and end months of political instability that followed the fall of the previous government in September.

The new government must tackle economic problems rising from the EU debt crisis.

Slovenia's public debt has swollen to 44 percent of gross domestic product, and unemployment is at about 12 percent.

Slovenia is both a member of the 27-nation EU and of the 17 states that use the euro common currency.

On January 27, rating agency Fitch downgraded Slovenia's rating by two notches.

compiled from agency reports