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Experimental Solar Plane Finishes Trans-American Trip

A handout photo shows the "Solar Impulse HB-SIA" plane with Andre Borschberg aboard approaching its final destination of JFK airport in New York on July 6.
An experimental solar-powered aircraft has completed a transcontinental trip across the United States.

The single-crew "Solar Impulse" touched down at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City on July 6 after taking off from Washington, D.C.

The plane landed a few hours ahead of schedule after a tear appeared in the fabric of one of its wings.

The flight completed a trip across the United States that began in California in early May.

Following the landing, pilot Andre Borschberg, who is from Switzerland, called the project a "huge success for renewable energy."

The plane runs on propellers powered by thousands of solar cells located on the wings.

It has a top speed of around 70 kilometers per hour.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP